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On November 7th, 1969, Sister Catherine Cesnik (or Sister Cathy) left her apartment between 7 and 730 PM to run errands. She shared this apartment with her roommate, another Catholic nun. She planned to stop by the bank, a bakery and a department store to buy a gift. She never returned. Worried, her roommate contacted two friends of theirs, two priests from Annapolis, to help her look for her missing roommate.

Netflix’s new trucrime seven-part miniseries, The Keepers explores yet another unsolved murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik, who was killed back in the 1960s. The whole series is a treat for trucrime-fans who also love slow, and haunting docuseries. Every episode ends with a cliffhanger – making sure you want to move on, as the creators balance their narrative between the chilling story and the dropping of the case’s powerful details at the end of every episode. Minor spoilers ahead!


I recommend the series wholeheartedly, though it might not seem forceful at first sight. Nevertheless, it involves actualities of its unsolved nature, and somewhere it is a heartbreaking story of the students of the murdered nun. It is still an ongoing case, so people still respond to it. Without wanting to spoil it, here are some more details about the case:

Bishop Malooly responds to Netflix’s ‘The Keepers’.  (Spoiler)

A podcast on the Cathy Cesnik case. (Spoiler)

Who killed Sister Cathy? (Inside Baltimore, major spoilers)

Who killed Sister Cathy Cesnik? (The Telegraph, major spoilers)

Also, the Archdiocese of Baltimore has a FAQ on the series.

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