The Guide to Teaching Law Enforcement English










In 2015, this website was created to promote my book and then, later on, it turned out to be more: the website has had many looks – and will have more, I am sure – and has been providing some materials that balance between English teaching and Law Enforcement. To celebrate this anniversary – from now on – the PDF version of my book can be bought straight off here with a reduced, -50% price. Now, it is 5 EUR.

It focuses on the following topics:

Serial Killers – Crime Types – Crime Scene vs Scene of the Crime – Crime Scene Investigation – Interrogation – Body Language – Terrorism –Organized Crime – Human Smuggling – Drug / Alcohol Smuggling –Cybercrime

Besides its ‘Appendix’, which is full of useful links, you can find ‘Case Studies’ that might be used in your class.

you can buy it here via PayPal:

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