Live Webinar In November

Do you want to learn or revise your English with True Crime? Now’s the chance! We have been thinking about reaching out more to you and have decided to pilot a live webinar in November. The topic? Serial Killers and Profiling. We have scheduled this session on Nov 16, at 1800 CET. And the best part is? It’s free. And you will also receive:

  • A better understanding of┬áPresent Simple
  • Downloadable handout
  • Intriguing stories about serial killers
  • An answer to how English grammar and Profiling can connect
  • Helpful materials to better your English

The webinar will feature some basic serial killer misconceptions and deal with Present Simple. Also, you will get a handout with the necessary information on grammar and the special language used in profiling and serial killers.

You can join with your Facebook account to the webinar here:

Duration: appx. 60 minutes + a Q and A session.

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