In our overdigitalized world, it comes naturally to use our gadgets for every part of our lives, so why not concentrate on language learning? For instance, English, being widely used, is a language that is quite convenient to learn, as there are zillions of oppurtunities in the online sphere.

This mini article deals with some tips – or recommendations, but this word appeared too lengthy – that you can find useful. These are not ‘hacks’ that sound trendy, because we do not like hacking. No, seriously, we don’t. So, here they go:

1. Learn with an app

This is so obvious nowadays, but maybe that is why we include this tip. Lingualift made an infograph about the apps you can use for different reasons, such as chatting, learning new words, etc. Don’t forget you have time while waiting in lines, or while on the bus to revise some new vocabulary.

2. Subscribe to a Newsletter / Briefing

Just quite recently, I have subscribed to New York Times’ Morning’s Briefing and it can serve two purposes: first, you can be updated in current matters, and second, you will get these brief updates daily with, possibly, new vocabulary.

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3. Change your Mobile Language Setting to the Desired Language

It is also very easy to make your eyes get used to some words on your phone – it helps you with the daily and basic digital words. So, even if you already know your way around in your phone, you just have to memorize the corresponding words on the screen.

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+1 Follow Law Enforcement English on Social Media

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