About me

Zsolt Kelemen

I’m Here to Help.

Police English is a special part of English, where students are taught the corresponding terms, expressions, grammar and vocabulary of their professions. Law Enforcement English is specialised in English for Specific Purposes (ESP), namely in Police English. I offer unique and practical online courses, Zoom and Skype lessons for bettering your professional English. Having worked with different European agencies, we are sure that it can be a challenging situation to use English in this special setting. Hence, we believe, it is crucial to provide the vocabulary, the expressions and the grammar that you will actually use.

There is one thing that should be considered: Law Enforcement English does not teach the profession, however, it gives you the necessary linguistic skills that can help you in your daily jobs by practising grammar, expressions and special vocabulary.

My Background

I have been dealing with Police and Law Enforcement English for more than 11 years, and I provide courses online (on Skype and Zoom). About my services: In general, I practice the vocabulary and grammar (with expressions) of patrolling, counterterrorism, criminal profiling, cybercrime, financial crimes, prison service, organized crime, witnessing and many more. During your career, you might need to keep in touch with colleagues from abroad, or you are sent to a mission abroad, where English must be used. In these situations, not only do you have to get used to the new environment, but also you might have to use English on a daily basis.  

My Approach & Philosophy

If you work for a law enforcement agency, or for the police, the situation might be more challenging with special vocabulary and there might be a need to use proper grammar in more formal situations. Or, you might be thinking about bettering your special vocabulary. Don’t worry, I am here to help: with our consultations in classes or guided courses, you get a personalized material that will fulfill your needs. In the form below, tell me what you need and I will contact you as soon as possible. As I deal with a special field of teaching English, I know that every team, police department, or individual has different needs. Contact me and tell me yours, so that I can help you create a study plan and materials you need.