Zsolt Kelemen

My name is Zsolt Kelemen, the founder of Law Enforcement English. I have been teaching Law Enforcement English for more than 10 years at the International Training Centre in Budapest, Hungary. Having worked with several agencies, for example CEPOL or MEPA, I have been able to gather and compile efficient materials for teaching various fields of law enforcement. My students have been coming from police headquarters and police stations, counter terrorism centers or secret services, focusing on topics, like profiling, surveillance, financial- and cybercrime or organized crime. Some of these topics are crucial for their work – these crimes, for instance THB, or smuggling are all crimes what they encounter with daily or sometimes we prepare for a specific purpose. 

As for the academic field, I have been asked to work on and to review the Encyclopedia on Law Enforcement as a linguistic expert. 

I founded the website Law Enforcement English (lawenforcementenglish.com) in 2015 and have been managing it since then by providing online courses, private classes as well as podcasts and publications