4 Rules of Never Stop Learning a Language In The Long Run

As a teacher, I am constantly asked for ultimate pieces of advice as far as language learning goes. Because aren’t we all a little lazy sometimes? Well, I always make my students depressed by saying there is no universal way to learn a language – at least not that I know of. Luckily, there are … Continue reading 4 Rules of Never Stop Learning a Language In The Long Run

Reading: “The 7 Psychological Phases of a Serial Killer”

“In 1988 the psychologist Joel Norris described the psychological phases that serial killers experience. Norris worked on the defense teams of several convicted killers from Georgia and completed 500 interviews with such individuals, during which he identified seven psychological phases a serial killer goes through in his mind.” (Source: investigatingcrimes.com) Read on here.

Movie Monday: Zodiac (2007)

Zodiac is a movie about perhaps one of the biggest modern crime mysteries next to Jack the Ripper: The Zodiac Killer. David Fincher’s movies grabs the 1970s media and police focus on the unidentified killer so intriguingly that the viewer is trapped between the chilling atmosphere and the upbeat movie soundtrack of Santana, Lynn Anderson or … Continue reading Movie Monday: Zodiac (2007)

Movie Monday: Child 44 (2015)

In Heaven, there is no murder – this being the central thought of the movie meant that no murder could happen in the Soviet Union (during the Stalin-era) so when a serial killer appears and starts killing children the military police waits no more than to arrest the murderer as soon as possible. Perhaps it is not … Continue reading Movie Monday: Child 44 (2015)