Introducing Movie Monday: Prisoners (2013)

Every Monday, there is going to be a film recommendation that has something to do with law enforcement. This first one, being my favourite, was recommended by my students as it is very close to reality concerning emotions and the harrowing aspect of having to face with your child’s disappearance.

Yet Another Wikia: Criminal Minds

Since 2005, the series, Criminal Minds has been centralized the issue of profiling. While it remains a bit obscure scientific field, profiling is a highly adaptive tool when it comes to serial killings and unsubs (the unknown subject of an investigation). The Wikia of the show has a list of serial killers and serial bombers, as well … Continue reading Yet Another Wikia: Criminal Minds

‘The Guide to Teaching Law Enforcement English’ is available from now on

In both PDF and ePub formats you can buy The Guide to Teaching Law Enforcement English. This book would like to mark the importance of Police English or English for Special and Law Enforcement Purposes and thus, provides materials on different areas, such as CSI, serial killers, cybercrime or terrorism.

Crime scene investigation: Types of fingerprints

An excellent description of fingerprints can be found on In our link section, you can find a link to their website, which is an apt source of crime news and sometimes educational articles, like this. In this article, there are the distinction of Patent, Plastic and Latent Fingerprints. Read more and find the link … Continue reading Crime scene investigation: Types of fingerprints

Documentary : The Real ‘True Detective’

VICE Magazine‘s report on a case that happened 10 years ago in the town of Ponchatoula, Louisiana, where townspeople were shocked to find out about their local church’s involvement of Satanic rituals, “secret Satan worship, ritualized child molestation, and animal sacrifices”. These are the topics that the cultic first season of True Detective centered around: