More Info on the Webinar

Next Tuesday, on December 19, we are hosting another free webinar on Crime Scene Investigation – you can already check the Facebook event here. Crime Scene Investigation is another topic where we can revise the Passive Voice and it is also a great opportunity to take a look at some …

Language Learning Tips

Some of theses pieces of advice we found on have been tried and tested. For example, dissecting words and extending your vocabulary are techniques that are quite essential when it comes to learning and practising a language. In the following infograph you will see some of the advice that …


  If you received our November newsletter, you might have been startled: why is there a “logo” on our logo? Well, so were we. We have been using a new template and yes, somehow it got away with it. Sincerely sorry, maybe it was the distracting Christmas bells.


  Dear All, If you have been following us, you might know we have recently had a live webinar on serial killers and profiling. Now, we are working on our online module – an online course on the very same topic, which serves two functions: it practices Present Simple, and …

English Webinar Update

Last Thursday we had an awesome webinar on ‘Serial Killers and Profiling’. Our aim was to generate interest in other online courses. If you did not manage to show up but are interested in these topics, fear no more. We have other options to consider: