Interrogation: Police Questions in English

We witness all kinds of motions daily, and while our brains register these activities, but when it comes to remembering them, especially when asked, that is a whole new level. If you have ever been in a situation when you were made to remember a certain thing from your past, you might not have been … Continue reading Interrogation: Police Questions in English

Community Policing Basic Words (Test + Vocabulary)

We would like to invite you to a little vocabulary test on Community Policing: The Basics. These are not really difficult words, but if you need help, we have included the full list of words made with Quizlet 🙂 For the terms click ‘Read More’:

Did you know?

Did you know that Silence of the Lambs‘ Buffalo Bill, Texas Chainsaw Massacre‘s Leatherface and Psycho’s Norman Bates were all inspired by one horrible man? Ed Gein was the horrific serial killer of the 1950’s, committing his crimes in Plainfield, Wisconsin. This American killer had the modus operandi of digging corpses first, but later he used these bodies … Continue reading Did you know?

Get 20% OFF – The American Serial Killers – An Online Course

Are you interested in serial killers? Do you like true crime? Are you learning English? If so, this online course is for you! The first 10 students will get 20% off as an introductory price! We have been quite busy to start our new project, which is now yours to try:   The American Serial Killers … Continue reading Get 20% OFF – The American Serial Killers – An Online Course

Identity Theft

By definition, identity theft is: “a type of crime in which your private information is stolen and used for criminal activity”. While it has various forms – both offline and online, identity theft is getting more and more difficult to recognize. In the following exercise, match the terms with their definitions concerning identity theft. 1. … Continue reading Identity Theft

Participate and Win a Free Course!

The American Serial Killers and Profiling Course It’s not the first time we have contributed serial killers on Law Enforcement English. But! We have been designing a course and have compiled a 10-question survey because we are intrigued to know your opinions! If you have a minute, please go through our survey. Needless to say, … Continue reading Participate and Win a Free Course!

Money Laundering: The Basics

Continuing our monthly topic – financial crimes – in the next bit we are focusing on is money laundering. As an officer, have you ever had to deal with such cases? – This video by MBA shows the basics of the procedure of money laundering. It has very nice graphics, though you might have to … Continue reading Money Laundering: The Basics