3 (Mobile) Tips for Language Learning

In our overdigitalized world, it comes naturally to use our gadgets for every part of our lives, so why not concentrate on language learning? For instance, English, being widely used, is a language that is quite convenient to learn, as there are zillions of oppurtunities in the online sphere. This mini article deals with some … Continue reading 3 (Mobile) Tips for Language Learning

Reading: Swatting the Neighbors

From time to time, we will post a NYTimes article with a downloadable vocabulary so that our students – you – can get an updated vocabulary from recent happenings. This time, we are going to learn about the term “swatting”, which means to call the police – a SWAT unit – on your neighbor for … Continue reading Reading: Swatting the Neighbors

UPDATE: Types of Major Crimes 2020#

We have made a huge update on our basic crime chart: now we have fixed some errors and added some new crimes, so you can have 19 crimes, criminal nouns, criminal adjectives and criminal verbs at your disposal. Also, we have included another PDF, which you can use for your students, or test your own … Continue reading UPDATE: Types of Major Crimes 2020#

Enhance Your Protest Vocabulary

With all the protests against the new Democratic gun control, we thought you might need to enhance your vocabulary in protesting. You can download this PDF file with pictures, which contains 15 terms about protesting. Definitely, guns can be for safety, but with the latest mass shootings and arrests made by the FBI, owning a … Continue reading Enhance Your Protest Vocabulary

Instagram Live: Kerri Rawson’s New Book

Yesterday we asked you about a possible live Instagram feed that we will do and since your feedbacks were absolutely positive, we decided we are going live on Instagram on January 14 at 1215PM for 15 minutes, so make sure you are following us on Instagram as well. The topic? At the end of this … Continue reading Instagram Live: Kerri Rawson’s New Book

New Single Course: Police Report Writing

Why Does Police Report Matter? Police report in your career might not be the most exciting part of the job. Not only does a report have to be objective as much as possible, but a well-written report might also serve prosecutorial purposes with the description and elements of a crime. In addition, a good report … Continue reading New Single Course: Police Report Writing

How to Describe a Picture

Introduction Have you ever had to describe a photo or picture? Basically, you will see that picture description is not to be afraid of, as you can prepare what you will say in advance. Now, let us go through a skill that many of you might have already used throughout your English studies: picture description. … Continue reading How to Describe a Picture

The History of the American Police Officer

As this TIME article suggests, John F. Kennedy once claimed that the police had been protecting the United States of America since its birth. However, this is not entirely true, because, in the history of the United States, we can not really talk about a publicly funded, full-time and organized police until 1838. When this … Continue reading The History of the American Police Officer

New Online Course: Prison

New ESL course: Prison Life What are the different types of prisons? What do “selling wolf tickets” and “backdoor parole” mean in prison slang? Why do prisoners in the United States wear orange, red, or even pink uniforms? If you have no idea and would like to know more about this topic, we have good … Continue reading New Online Course: Prison