Songs That Were Inspired By Serial Killers – Part 1: John Wayne Gacy Jr.

                                Sufjan Steven’s concept album Illinois (2005) features a song about the serial killer, John Wayne Gacy, Jr., the lyrics of which focuses on his and childhood and his unspeakable deeds. Another band, Deer Tick has featured ”Clownin’ Around” about Gacy, though. … Continue reading Songs That Were Inspired By Serial Killers – Part 1: John Wayne Gacy Jr.

Movie Monday: Strangled (2016)

Strangled (The Beast of Martfű) is a Hungarian psychothriller about a sexually deviant serial killer that was terrorizing the town of Martfű in the 1960s. His horrendous acts shocked the whole country, but his story does not stop here. For many years, Kirják János was thought to be the serial killer and was sentenced to death … Continue reading Movie Monday: Strangled (2016)

VIDEO: Giving Fraud A Bad Name

(Photo source) The truth is the inventor of the fraudulent financial scheme pictured above honestly thought he could make it a legal business. Ponzi scheme – as it is often referred to – basically promises investors to double their investments within a month. The trick is that these investments are paid back from the new … Continue reading VIDEO: Giving Fraud A Bad Name

Movie Monday: The Keepers (2017)

                On November 7th, 1969, Sister Catherine Cesnik (or Sister Cathy) left her apartment between 7 and 730 PM to run errands. She shared this apartment with her roommate, another Catholic nun. She planned to stop by the bank, a bakery and a department store to buy a … Continue reading Movie Monday: The Keepers (2017)

Newsletters Recap Issue 1-4

                  In 2016, we issued Law Enforcement English Newsletter to make (more) space for dealing with  Law Enforcement English. More than half a year later – I thought – it would be nice to see what we have dealt with so far, so I have decided to … Continue reading Newsletters Recap Issue 1-4