Online Teaching Resources

As we wrote earlier, due to the coronavirus situation, we have initiated our self-study courses and instructor-led courses on different topics – find them all here. As a matter of fact, there are more resources and tools that we would like to share, Jo Szoke – Short and Simple English, for example, shared this excellent … Continue reading Online Teaching Resources

PRE-ORDER: Our Newest Self-Study Course

Click here to join In our newest self-study course you will focus on Present Simple and Present Continuous, the two essential tenses for describing suspects or referring to ongoing events, such as surveilling. The course is on sale now at an early bird price, for only $14.95. The course deals with describing suspects or criminals, … Continue reading PRE-ORDER: Our Newest Self-Study Course


Click here for the 50% off of our first online course, ‘Introduction to Law Enforcement English’, and you will get: Click here to join – 140+ words and phrases, specially tailored for law enforcement use, including major crimes, and connecting phrases – grammar parts that cover: imperative, there is /  there are – reading exercises … Continue reading LAST CHANCE: 50%OFF

UPDATE: Introduction to Law Enforcement English

One of the perks of joining our online course is that with one payment, you can enjoy all the further updates in the future. Such updates – with this version – includes: The final test is to be completed if you reach 60% A new ‘True or False‘ exercise Our final test now contains 20 … Continue reading UPDATE: Introduction to Law Enforcement English

Introduction to Law Enforcement English: New Online Course Available

Click here to join With great pleasure we would like to present you our one-of-a-kind online course, Introduction to Law Enforcement English. This unique course deals with the basic words, expressions and grammar that are needed to understand elementary texts of law enforcement. Its aim is to help you practice these phrases at your own … Continue reading Introduction to Law Enforcement English: New Online Course Available

Deduction in Criminal Profiling

Can you identify the serial killer who the agents talk about in the very beginning of the trailer of Mindhunter 2? Upon arriving at a crime scene, detectives are often left with the evidence that the perp left behind. Talking about serial offenses, there might be a pattern of crimes that need to be examined … Continue reading Deduction in Criminal Profiling

WEBINAR: Deduction in Profiling

It’s been a while since we published about a live webinar. But now is the time to join our webinar in March. Save the date: 2020. March 2. 1800-1900 CET Join here In this webinar we take a look at the highly captivating world of serial killers through English language. Through grammar, you are invited … Continue reading WEBINAR: Deduction in Profiling

The Guide to Teaching Law Enforcement English

It has been quite some time since I published my first guidebook on teaching Law Enforcement English, so it is high time we refreshed what it was about. This book deals with a couple of topics related to Law Enforcement and it offers the following: The Guide to Teaching Law Enforcement English serves the function … Continue reading The Guide to Teaching Law Enforcement English