Conan O’Brien, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart On Smoking Weed

In English teaching, the legalization of marijuana has always been a trendy topic. Whether you agree or disagree with it, please watch this video of Conan O’Brien and his friends helping a student. Driver pass her driving exam. Don’t get discouraged by how fast they speak – concentrate on what you can understand. 

Why today? Today is 4/20, which is a symbol of 420, a significant number in cannabis culture. There are many theories about the name – they include Hitler’s birthday or a Bob Dylan song – but the real origin story can be traced back to 1971, where a couple of California athlete students would learn that a Coast Guard member had planted pots and provided a map – according to the legend – to the very spot. The teenagers would meet up after their trainings, at 4:20, to smoke the weed they previously found in their car. But how could they spread their special number all over the world? Stay tuned, we will discuss it later.

How many variations do you know of the word ‘marijuana’? Weed? MJ? Pot? Doobie? Nixon?

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