Online Courses

Courses usually consist of more than one class and they focus on a topic in more depth.

Introduction to Law (NEW!)
In this brand new course, students will focus on the terminology of law – especially the ones that concern Law Enforcement: types of courts, or the terminology of the court or Latin expressions.
On Skype
15 min intro class (FREE) + 3 x 60 min – 75 EUR

Introduction to Organized Crime
In this course, students are familiarized with the concept of organized crime and its related fields, such as THB, Human Smuggling, Drugs, Cybercrime and Money Laundering. Students are required to compose essays and to talk about their professional background during the course.
On Skype and on Schoology
15 min intro class (FREE) + 5 x 60 min – 125 EUR

Introduction to Criminal Profiling
Introduction to Criminal Profiling course deals with handwriting analysis of serial killers, different approaches to profiling (FBI vs. British), offender myths and reality, special vocabulary used by profilers as well as the corresponding grammar and vocabulary of describing suspects. To enhance practicality, some of the aspects of Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) are also discussed.
On Skype
15 min intro class (FREE) + 4 x 60 min – 100 EUR


Singles are 1- or 2-hour classes on a specific subject. Usually, they consist of one grammar part and a special vocabulary part.

Witness Psychology
Forensic Sciences – especially Forensic Psychology tackles the issue of how we witness certain events of a crime. In this class, students can test themselves in such situations and can make use of witness interrogation.
On Skype
15 min intro class (FREE) + 2 x 60 min – 50 EUR

Introduction to Social Engineering
Introduction to Social Engineering is a unique approach to learning English. In this class the phenomenon of deception is discussed alongside with body language and students can develop their verbal skills of suspicion.
On Skype
15 min intro class (FREE) + 2 x 60 min – 50 EUR

If there is a topic that is not mentioned, but you would like to enhance your Law Enforcement Vocabulary and/or Grammar, Classes are for you. This is a general class via Skype, where the topic of your choice within the field of Law Enforcement is studied.
On Skype
15 min intro class (FREE) + 60 min – 25 EUR

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