Haven’t updated your professional CV in a thousand year? Do you have to communicate in English with colleagues from abroad? Are you changing jobs? Or going to an international conference?

This course is tailored to you! With this 3×45-minute mini course over Skype, you can get more confident in your police work. Also, it is available at a special introductory price! Check out the details:

On any given first class I see the need for a professional start. Most of my students start out with a revision of their CV and a proper introduction, so I thought there IS a need for that. If you work in any fields of law enforcement, you might need to polish your CV and have a proper introductory essay, which can help you gather your thoughts. We can help you with this special online mini-course:

  • You will have a professional CV
  • A professional introductory essay about your job
  • Skills and tips for professional correspondence
  • On a law enforcement-related topic of your choice.

What do you have to do? It can’t be simpler:

  1. Book your appointment here.
  2. Wait for our email.
  3. Learn with us!


Every class is 45 minutes

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy

Instead of 49 EUR, now it is only 29.95 EUR!