Do you like film reviews? Do you read them? What was the last one you read? You might not have to write film reviews, nevertheless one might be interested in reading them.  Film reviews often include genres, actors/actresses, director, setting/background, plot/story, and recommendations.

Study these useful language/examples:
Genres: action, adventure, comedies, crime (gangster), dramas, fantasy, horror, musical, sci-fi, thriller, war, western or cartoon, animation movie. For example:
It is an action movie.
Actors/actresses: who stars in the movie
Leonardo DiCaprio is in the movie. Brad Pitt plays the main character.
Director: who directed the movie – usually it uses PASSIVE VOICE:
Inception was directed by Christopher Nolan.
Setting/background: where / when it takes place
It takes place in ….
The movie is set in… (the future, the past, 1985, New York)
Plot/story: what is it about? What happens in it?
It is about a man whose daughter has been abducted ….
Recommendation: why you would recommend it to watch. Here you can use many adjectives that describe your opinion concerning the movie.

Last week we took a look at the Passive, which is often used in film reviews.

In the following text, you can read a review of Steven Spielberg’s Munich, you only need to use Present Simple and Past Simple both Active and Passive :

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