CaseFiles promote self-studying and combines two topics: one from the field of Law Enforcement and one from General English. The aim of these downloadable materials is to generate interest in Law Enforcement English and to give a certain amount of vocabulary. The selected topics might be based on current events that have something important to do with Law Enforcement.
They way CaseFiles are built up is:

– First, you will get a couple of questions worth thinking about

– Then comes a vocabulary part, where you have to match the words with their definitions

– Next, a reading exercise: it is either a gap-fill exercise or a text with questions afterward.

– Finally, grammar points or useful links, plus the key, of course.

Okay, and who are CaseFiles for?
Basically, anybody who is interested in the topics of policing, cybercrime, terrorism, financial crimes, crime scene investigation or other topics in Law Enforcement.
And since these documents can be downloaded separately, or later in a booklet, you can learn and study the materials you need, so your money will be well spent.
Law Enforcement English is a website that mainly produces contents for free, but there are paid materials to keep the site running. However, CaseFiles can be purchased at a price of an espresso.
And can I preview these before purchasing?
Sure thing! We really want you satisfied with what you buy. If you want to be among the firsts who receive the first CaseFile for free, subscribe to our newsletter!