New online ESL course focuses on Prison and Life in Prison

New ESL course: Prison Life

What are the different types of prisons? What do “selling wolf tickets” and “backdoor parole” mean in prison slang? Why do prisoners in the United States wear orange, red, or even pink uniforms? If you have no idea and would like to know more about this topic, we have good news. Law Enforcement English has been focusing on different topics to help you extend your English vocabulary. Our next ESL course is about prisons.  We are providing a new online ESL Skype course that will help you discover the prison system. In these two classes (2 x 60 min.) we concentrate on prison vocabulary, which contains the types of prison (jail, prison, correctional facilities), crimes, slang, or the question of the death penalty. Depending on your background, we will personalize the classes for you. If you are interested, take a look at the syllabus that we offer:

A photo from a US prison, showing inmates wearing orange, image source

A photo from a US prison, showing inmates wearing orange, image source

Prison course structure

In the first class, we will deal with:

  • punishments in general
  • basic vocabulary (apprehend, exonerate, bail)
  • types of prisons (jail, prison, corrections, the “juvie”, solitary confinement, detention centers)
  • crimes (murder, robbery, etc.)
  • grammar (Passive Voice)

In the second class, you will get to know more about:

  • the important prison slang (big house, lowlife)
  • death penalty (sentence to life vs. capital punishment, “eye for an eye”)
  • the most frequent prison tattoos

You will get a  handout about our material concerning prison in PDF, and you can book two hours of Skype lessons. Should you have any further questions or you are already convinced, visit our Online Courses page, where you can find a form to ask your question and/or to join this course!


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