New Single Course: Police Report Writing

How To Write A Police Report
How To Write A Police Report

Why Does Police Report Matter?

Police report in your career might not be the most exciting part of the job. Not only does a report have to be objective as much as possible, but a well-written report might also serve prosecutorial purposes with the description and elements of a crime. In addition, a good report can hold indispensable information for the media and for the public. Lastly, we should not forget about the information exchange between agencies, departments or police officers.
As mentioned before, a police report might be boring, but it has also its importance. For example, if you make a mistake, it can have serious consequences. It also has its own style and set of rules according to which it should be written. In our new Single course, Police Report Writing, we go through these essential rules, examine how to be clear and objective and learn about writing concisely. Of course, we do not have to forget about the grammar parts with the help of which we can make our police reports professional. We find answers to questions, like: “When should my report start?” or “How shall I start my report?” Obviously, there is no finite answer, as situations or crimes are not the same.
It is often overlooked how important narrative tenses (aka Past Tenses) are: think of the use of Past Perfect, how it can indicate the timeline of a crime. In some of my classes, it is also not always clear when to use Passive Voice. Usually, we can say that Law Enforcement is quite comfortable with Passive Voice as nobody wants to be the victim of a crime. However, in Police Writing, you can see that sometimes it is better to leave Passive Voice out.
Stick with us with some useful pieces of advice coming soon. Meanwhile, you can sign up to this course on our Courses Page.

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