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As we wrote earlier, due to the coronavirus situation, we have initiated our self-study courses and instructor-led courses on different topics – find them all here.

As a matter of fact, there are more resources and tools that we would like to share, Jo Szoke – Short and Simple English, for example, shared this excellent PDF about collaboration and different softwares. has compiled a list of 100+resources, which includes a wide range of tools on the following topics:

  • 100+ Tools for Distance Learning  
    • Full Curriculum Coverage Distance Learning Tools
    • Reading or English Language Arts Distance Learning Tools
    • Writing Distance Learning Tools
    • Math Distance Learning Tools
    • Language Learning Distance Learning Tools
    • Science Distance Learning Tools
    • Computer Science Distance Learning Tools
    • Social Studies Distance Learning Tools
    • Music Learning Distance Learning Tools
    • LMS and Communication Tools for Distance Learning
    • Distance Learning Tools for Class Presentations
    • Quizzing and Formative Assessment Distance Learning Tools
    • Tools that Promote Collaboration and Student Engagement
    • Screencapture and Instructional Video Tools
    • Video Conferencing Tools
    • General Education News and Trackers
  • What are Some Benefits of Remote Learning?
  • What are Some Drawbacks of Remote Learning?
  • 7 Remote Learning Strategies for Classrooms and Schools

Check these out here.

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