Organized Crime Language Course – For FREE

We do hope you will have a great time learning. Coming in June, we are inviting you to register Organized Crime English Language Course now, for free! It is a great opportunity to revise and improve your Law Enforcement English! During this course on organized crime, you will get familiarized with the different types of organized crimescrime vocabulary and grammar points alongside with some of the tenses. We understand that most of you might come from the field of law enforcement, and we would like to ensure you that while we 100% protect your data, this course is hosted on Schoology platform, so be advised to use nicknames if you wish.

What do you benefit from this course?

  • Within just 5 days, you will get an overview on tenses you are likely to use in your work
  • The vocabulary of THB, human smuggling, cybercrime and drugs will be covered
  • An instructor will monitor and check your questions and assignments. Should you have any questions, you can contact him through messages in Schoology.

What do you have to do to attend?

You just have to subscribe to our newsletter (if you haven’t done it already), so that we can send the special invitation code to your inbox that allows you to register. But think fast, as the code will be reset on April 30th.

IMPORTANT! Although you will get instant access to the course, the actual parts will come later, in June.

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