Missing Halloween? We too miss it, but not to worry, because our first CaseFile has just been turned into an online mini-course! Try it for free, but do not blame us for the nightmares 🙂 Somewhere in the world, it is still a dark February with lots of snow, so why not get a hot cup of tea or coffee and dive into the Creepy Clown Craze that happened worldwide?

CaseFiles 01: Creepy Clown Craze in the USA‘ is the first free installment of Law Enforcement English-series, CaseFiles. CaseFiles focus on an interesting topic and provides practice for you.

In the first part, you can improve your vocabulary by reading a text on the creepy clown craze that happened in the USA and you can also read a text on John Wayne Gacy, Jr – the Killer Clown.

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