PRE-ORDER: Our Newest Self-Study Course

In our newest self-study course you will focus on Present Simple and Present Continuous, the two essential tenses for describing suspects or referring to ongoing events, such as surveilling. The course is on sale now at an early bird price, for only $14.95. The course deals with

  • describing suspects or criminals,
  • defining modus operandi¬†of a given criminal group
  • profiling
  • describing ongoing criminal activities with their help. :
  • Reports, warrants, criminal profiling, police routines, modus operandis
  • Daily routine in law enforcement
  • Basic questions in Criminalistics
  • How to write professional e-mails (e.g. in JIT operations)
  • International co-operation
  • Surveillance

In this course, you will also get reading exercises as well as grammar and we will focus on special vocabulary needed in international cooperation, JITs, organized crime and in efficient e-mail writing.

Both Present Simple and Present Continuous are taught with topics relevant in Law Enforcement.

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