Our latest post dealt with Reported Speech and the words said and tell, and now we are moving on to other reporting verbs. When we use Reported Speech, we report someone’s words, which means the words have already been spoken. It might sound difficult but, in reality it is not that hard. (By the way, why not subscribe to our newsletter as we are planning an exclusive online class on Reported Speech? With illustrative examples and handouts, stay tuned!)

In life we don’t just say and tell different things, we also comment, report, assure or complain. In the next part, your task is to complete the sentences with the appropriate reporting verbs.

In order for you to accomplish that let us see some of the most frequent forms of these verbs. In Law Enforcement English, there are certain words that are important to know, for instance:

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definitions are provided by Merriam-Webster Dictionary

And now onto another exercise:

Complete the sentences with other reporting verbs:

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