Since July, you could observe that a lot of materials have been published on serial killers, and the reason for it was to pave the way for a unique language course, focusing entirely on

Serial Killers and Profiling 

that you can, too, join by clicking on the title. And another good news: it is at a discount price until September 30.  If you are interested, read more:

Serial Killers and Profiling is a special course that provides a unique approach to serial killers through language learning: it dissects texts on real life serial killers and focuses on the grammar of English language and on the special vocabulary related to serial killers and profiling.

This course deals with Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple, Past Continuous, Present Perfect and also with the Passive and Reported Speech. Although it is primarily a language course, students are expected to learn some special terms. It aims at improving their vocabularies by reading pre-made articles and exercises, such as “An Interview With A Serial Killer” and by learning the basics of profiling. The materials have been provided by experts and transformed into your language learning needs.

This course concentrates on American serial killers only, as the materials you are going to learn are mainly in English. To illustrate certain terminologies, examples are used from real-life serial killers, like Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Jr., or Dennis Rader.







The ’Serial Killers and Profiling Course’ consists of:

  • Specific vocabulary on serial killers and profiling
  • Pre-made and external readings and exercises
  • Facts and Misconceptions
  • Grammar to be used: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple and Past Continuous, Passive Voice, etc.
  • Case Studies as illustrative examples

If you are interested in the course at the special, discount price, click here for more information.