UPDATE: Types of Major Crimes 2020#

We have made a huge update on our basic crime chart: now we have fixed some errors and added some new crimes, so you can have 19 crimes, criminal nouns, criminal adjectives and criminal verbs at your disposal. Also, we have included another PDF, which you can use for your students, or test your own … Continue reading UPDATE: Types of Major Crimes 2020#

John Wayne Gacy Crime Scene Photos

These are some photos that were taken at John Wayne Gacy’s house, where the infamous killer dug his victims. In our new English language course, we are going to deal with Gacy, so if you want to find out more, check out the course, which you can join at a discount price now – until … Continue reading John Wayne Gacy Crime Scene Photos

VIDEO: Giving Fraud A Bad Name

(Photo source) The truth is the inventor of the fraudulent financial scheme pictured above honestly thought he could make it a legal business. Ponzi scheme – as it is often referred to – basically promises investors to double their investments within a month. The trick is that these investments are paid back from the new … Continue reading VIDEO: Giving Fraud A Bad Name

NEWSLETTER: The (Brief) History of Mugshots

  In this week’s newsletter, we are focusing on how mugshots came about. Celebrities and criminals alike have been photographed after committing crimes. If you want to know what crimes Ozzy Osbourne or Frank Sinatra committed, join our newsletter.

Printer Steganography

Stegano-what? Steganography! It is the practice of concealing messages or information within other non-secret text or data. Just like in the photo, those yellow dots are present on each paper in different constellations coming from your printer. And what does this have to do with typewriters? Find out in this post, where Mikko Hypponen talks … Continue reading Printer Steganography

Crime scene investigation: Types of fingerprints

An excellent description of fingerprints can be found on investigatingcrimes.com. In our link section, you can find a link to their website, which is an apt source of crime news and sometimes educational articles, like this. In this article, there are the distinction of Patent, Plastic and Latent Fingerprints. Read more and find the link … Continue reading Crime scene investigation: Types of fingerprints