New Single Course: Police Report Writing

Why Does Police Report Matter? Police report in your career might not be the most exciting part of the job. Not only does a report have to be objective as much as possible, but a well-written report might also serve prosecutorial purposes with the description and elements of a crime. In addition, a good report … Continue reading New Single Course: Police Report Writing

How to Describe a Picture

Introduction Have you ever had to describe a photo or picture? Basically, you will see that picture description is not to be afraid of, as you can prepare what you will say in advance. Now, let us go through a skill that many of you might have already used throughout your English studies: picture description. … Continue reading How to Describe a Picture

YouTube Shooter – Exercise

DISCLAIMER: Under no circumstances does Law Enforcement English intend to propagate terror, threat, violence or tragedy. The materials published on this site are purely for research and/or studying purposes and we would like to highlight different aspects in English language that police officers and law enforcement experts might find useful. In a truly terrifying tweet, … Continue reading YouTube Shooter – Exercise

Law Enforcement Vocabulary on Quizlet

Backed up by Quizlet, you can join Law Enforcement Vocabulary Class as of now! As you already know, we have thematized months in different areas of law enforcement, and this January we are focusing on financial crimes! If you are a Quizlet user it is very easy to join the class as it is being … Continue reading Law Enforcement Vocabulary on Quizlet

CaseFiles on iBooks

If you own an iDevice, CaseFiles are ready to be downloaded! The first, Halloween issue deals with the clowns that were appearing in the US – and the rest of the world – in 2016. With this scary phenomenon, you will find questions and vocabulary on Halloween. The infamous American serial killer, John Wayne Gacy, … Continue reading CaseFiles on iBooks

What Can You Learn From the Detective’s Wall?

  (Source: Pinterest) Ever seen stretched papers, black-and-white photos behind a detective in your favorite crime/spy fiction? Ever wondered why they are designed like that? The concept of the Detective’s Wall is not new: as Esquire reports, even BBC’s 1979’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy utilized this technique to visualize all the information the investigator knows of a case. But … Continue reading What Can You Learn From the Detective’s Wall?