More Info on the Webinar

Next Tuesday, on December 19, we are hosting another free webinar on Crime Scene Investigation – you can already check the Facebook event here. Crime Scene Investigation is another topic where we can revise the Passive Voice and it is also a great opportunity to take a look at some of the vocabulary, such as: … Continue reading More Info on the Webinar

November Newsletter: Death In Dallas and Narrative Tenses

It is only a few days for the new, refurbished November Newsletter! And we are excited because this newsletter is going to focus on a lot more than its little siblings: In our November Newsletter, we will be dealing with some recent news – stories that have a huge impact on the world. Then, as … Continue reading November Newsletter: Death In Dallas and Narrative Tenses

October Update

Well, October is here, which means two things: first, we are ending Serial Killers’ Month (which was 2 months, actually, oops) and we are focusing on other fields of Law Enforcement. Nevertheless, serial killers won’t say goodbye entirely, as Halloween is approaching, and in the newsletter, we will be featuring some scary facts and expressions. … Continue reading October Update