Enhance Your Protest Vocabulary

With all the protests against the new Democratic gun control, we thought you might need to enhance your vocabulary in protesting. You can download this PDF file with pictures, which contains 15 terms about protesting. Definitely, guns can be for safety, but with the latest mass shootings and arrests made by the FBI, owning a … Continue reading Enhance Your Protest Vocabulary

How to Describe a Picture

Introduction Have you ever had to describe a photo or picture? Basically, you will see that picture description is not to be afraid of, as you can prepare what you will say in advance. Now, let us go through a skill that many of you might have already used throughout your English studies: picture description. … Continue reading How to Describe a Picture

Community Policing Basic Words (Test + Vocabulary)

We would like to invite you to a little vocabulary test on Community Policing: The Basics. These are not really difficult words, but if you need help, we have included the full list of words made with Quizlet 🙂 For the terms click ‘Read More’:

Practice the Vocabulary of Financial Crimes

Yesterday we wrote about the possibility to join our Quizlet group to occasionally practice the terms and phrases you can read about on our website! Now is the time to do so with Financial Crimes! When it comes to defining financial crimes, we often refer to those financially-motivated – usually non-violent crimes that involve subcategories, … Continue reading Practice the Vocabulary of Financial Crimes

Law Enforcement Vocabulary on Quizlet

Backed up by Quizlet, you can join Law Enforcement Vocabulary Class as of now! As you already know, we have thematized months in different areas of law enforcement, and this January we are focusing on financial crimes! If you are a Quizlet user it is very easy to join the class as it is being … Continue reading Law Enforcement Vocabulary on Quizlet

VOCABULARY: ‘I Was Here, The Zodiac….’

It is not a usual story, that’s for sure. The makers of the 1971 grindhouse movie: The Zodiac Killer attempted to trap the real-life Zodiac killer. ( If you want to get to know more about the myths about serial killers, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter. ) As The Lineup  writes: “In August 1969, … Continue reading VOCABULARY: ‘I Was Here, The Zodiac….’

“FIDO?” “Drop a Dime?” – Cop Phrases

  Business Insider collected 19 phrases that are used by police, here are some examples: Street Justice – just one more hit with a stick to make the suspect/bad guy bring under control. FIDO – it is said when cops see something but decline it because that’d be too much paperwork. “Fxxk it, Drive On.” … Continue reading “FIDO?” “Drop a Dime?” – Cop Phrases

Criminology vs. Criminalistics

In short, they are different terms – criminology refers to the study of crime, while criminalistics is the application of scientific principles to criminal cases. Study.com has a more precise distinction:     Criminology is the study of crime and its prevention, as well as the exploration of criminals and their treatment. Criminology students study … Continue reading Criminology vs. Criminalistics