WEBINAR: Deduction in Profiling

It’s been a while since we published about a live webinar. But now is the time to join our webinar in March. Save the date:

2020. March 2. 1800-1900 CET

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In this webinar we take a look at the highly captivating world of serial killers through English language. Through grammar, you are invited to get familiarized with the concept of serial murder, modus operandi, signature, staging, the classification of serial killers and criminal profiling.

The language of the webinar is English.

Duration: appx. 40 minutes

Everyone is welcome, but a strong B2 level English is recommended.

The webinar will deal with:

1, Introduction

2, The concept of serial killing

3, MO vs. signature and staging 

4, Vocabulary

5, Profiling and Grammar

6, Exercise

7, Questions and Comments

The order is subject to change.

Join to the webinar here

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